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Stained Glass Restoration is a process where a leaded stained glass window or an individual section requires extensive restoration to bring back the structural strength and integrity of the leaded support matrix. The actual glasses that are stained, painted, etched and enameled glasses are considered to be the original artwork, the lead is merely a structural component to hold all of the glasses in place. Whenever and wherever possible the original glasses should be preserved and maintained to protect the artwork. Therefore, the replacement of the lead while maintaining original glasses will still allow your window to be original and preserve the historical value of the window.

A true Restoration will be a much more detailed and precise process than a simple releading. Releading is simply the swapping out of the lead cames while a restoration goes farther and is designed to preserve original and historic artwork in a reversible manner and should be done with a “do no harm” approach. Cathedral Crafts understands the difference is in the smallest of details and that our dedicated team of expert artisans and craftsmen will ensure your restoration is executed with the utmost of care. Our skilled team of artisans is capable of full reproduction of hand painted glass including enameling and the application of stains.

Stained Glass Repair

When the lead of a stained glass window is still structurally sound and strong enough to handle being handled then various repairs may be effective in forestalling the eventual full Restoration.

Typical Repairs performed are but not limited to include:

  • Bulge reduction

  • Adding structural reinforcing bars

  • Replacing individual pieces of badly broken or damaged stained glass

  • Recementing or waterproofing

  • Repairing structural framing components

In some Cases, it is more prudent and cost effective to forego the repairs until a full Restoration can be performed. As craftsmen, we have seen too many times that the poorly performed repairs have caused irreversible damage and led to a restoration sooner than if the window had been left alone.

Sometimes when panels are beginning to buckle but the lead has not yet deteriorated to the point where it has lost structural integrity, it is possible to correct these areas of structural failure with various stabilizing procedures. In rare cases, depending upon the type of problem and condition of the window, it is possible to effect positive change while the panel remains in place. More often the panels need to be removed, the developing problem corrected, and the panel reinstalled into its original opening. When the lead in a window is in good enough condition to “handle the handling”, periodic repair and stabilization can forestall the more expensive Historic Restoration until the structural integrity of that window reaches the point where trying to “maintain” it is no longer reasonable.

No-Cost 87 Point Inspection

At Cathedral Crafts, we take great pride in our detailed and delicate approach to bringing new life to your stained glass works of art. As a national Stained Glass Studio, we are able to provide you with our Restoration and Repair services anywhere in the United States. We Offer free NO COST and NO OBLIGATION Inspection services for your stained glass windows. We offer one of the most comprehensive inspections available with our 87-point inspection.

Our Work

At Cathedral Crafts, we have been entrusted to Repair and Restore many windows from famous studios such as:

  • Tiffany Studios

  • Charles Connick Studios

  • C. Riordan. Co

  • GTA Innsbruck

  • Ford Brothers

  • D’Ascenzo Studios

  • Maitland Armstrong

  • John La Farge

  • Munich-Meyer Studio

  • Frank Lloyd Wright

  • And many More