If you don’t have the funds on hand to purchase stained glass art for your church or other place of worship, you still have options. Some funding strategies that can help you get the stained glass panels, windows, or ceilings you want for your religious space include:

Put a notice in the bulletin and announce that you are raising funds for stained glass artwork at Sunday School or a weeknight service. People respond with surprising generosity when given the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy in stained glass art.

Display a fundraising poster and allow people the opportunity to donate. Send in your 35% deposit when you’ve reached that goal. For the next six to eight weeks, continue your recruitment campaign while your windows are being created. Once you’ve collected enough to pay the balance owed on your stained glass art, call to schedule delivery.

Your sponsor might be an individual, an organization, or a class willing to donate the stained glass art you need for your religious space. In exchange for their generosity, a small bronze plaque commemorating the donation can be displayed near the stained glass art, or the donors name can appear in the artwork itself. When individuals are given the opportunity to leave a lasting memorial for themselves or a loved one and promote the work of the church, they respond.

Get the first church stained glass windows ordered and installed to allow potential donors to see what they are supporting. Once they see the transformative power of the stained glass art, you’ll likely find that your fundraising job will be significantly easier. New pieces of stained glass can be added as funds become available.

Father James Steffes, Cathedral Crafts Lead Foreman Jason Pertersen, & Cathedral Crafts Project Manager Caleb C. Penic posing with new Sacred Heart  transom window at Saint Augustine’s Catholic Church in Austin, MN

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