Permanent Cathedral Crafts Protective Coverings & frame repair

Our master carpenters and metal workers are the foremost experts of their craft.

Cathedral Crafts has mastered the art of installing permanent protective covering systems over stained glass windows. There are many GOOD reasons to install a protective covering over a stained glass window. Some of which are to reduce or eliminate maintenance, mitigate wind buffeting, protection from hail and vandalism, eliminating drafts and to increase energy efficiency of the building. A well designed and properly installed protective covering system can also greatly enhance the beauty and exterior appearance of your building.

Cathedral Crafts has been designing, fabricating and installing our Permanent Protective Covering Systems for nearly 50 years. All of our Protective Coverings are designed and fabricated on site to be aesthetically sensitive to the natural architecture and individual characteristics and uniqueness of each window. Cathedral Crafts will make sure your system is beautiful and is a compliment to the buildings style and appearance.

Cathedral Crafts offers comprehensive permanent Protective Covering solutions for any type and style of window frame and configuration. We also repair framing components as well as offer replacement frames from aluminum to wood.

Exterior Glazing Material Options Can Include:

  • Acrylic Plexiglass

  • Lexan polycarbonate

  • Float Glass

  • Laminated Safety Glass

  • Tempered Glass

  • Insulated Thermal pane IG units

For more information on our Permanent Protective Covering Systems or to take advantage of our Free No Cost Inspection service please Call 1-800-535-2965.