Custom Liturgical Stained-Glass Artwork Designed & Fabricated in Our Studio

From Artwork to Installation,
Making it Your Own

Cathedral Crafts will gladly speak with you by phone or meet you in person to discuss options and present ideas for stained glass. Our artists welcome your input on religious theme, color, and style. Translating your ideas into glass, we develop artwork for your approval. Stained glass is a vibrant art form that speaks to your church and to the community. We welcome the opportunity to help convey your message in glass.

Cathedral Crafts® offers a wide selection of religious images that will help evoke reflection, meditation and prayer throughout your congregation. These panels of truth and light are a beautiful way to display your faith and inspire those around you.

Moreover, these works of art will capture and refract light, helping to set a mood of peace and tranquility. You can choose to utilize any of the images Cathedral Crafts® offers, or you can custom design a piece that will be unique to your space.

Stained glass can be incorporated in a number of ways in your house of worship. You can choose to keep things simple with traditional stained glass window inserts or you can get creative by using stained glass door inserts, ecclesiastical signage or even a majestic stained glass dome. If you would like to experience stained glass without relying on natural sunlight, consider Cathedral Crafts’ innovative backlit designs. These “windowless windows” will provide you with beautiful, illuminated stained glass anytime you desire.

Benefits of Stained Glass in Your Church or House of Worship

  • Stained glass helps set a peaceful mood, ideal for meditation and worship

  • Interior illumination is available
  • You can customize any stained glass design to perfectly fit your religious space
  • Our designs are affordable and easy to install

Get Started Today

Cathedral Crafts® provides beautiful stained glass art to many different churches and houses of worship. If you would like to get started creating a design for your religious space, call us today. Our talented team of experts will work with you to create the perfect stained glass masterpiece.


  • Churches

  • Ecclesiastical Signage

  • Hospital Chapels

  • Funeral Homes

  • Colleges & Universities

  • Altar Furniture

  • Chandeliers

  • Temples & Synagogues

  • Prayer Rooms

  • Ceilings & Domes

Liturgical Stained Glass Styles

  • Intricate Opalescent

  • Figurative Opalescent

  • Modern Impressionistic

  • Modern Figurative

  • Classical Narrative

  • Gothic Influence

  • Intricate Hand Painted

  • Tiffany Style

  • Contemporary Clear Glass