Custom stained glass is a great decorative option for Colleges and Universities who are looking to add an elegant and prestigious flair to their school’s décor. It is a practical way to honor significant university supporters or other important people in the school’s history while adding to the school’s overall aesthetics and mood.

Consider having a custom stained glass window installed to commemorate a graduating class or a generous donor. These windows will provide beauty and elegance and are both easy to install and affordable.

Custom stained glass light fixtures used in a library or other study area are another practical use of stained glass in colleges. The warm glow of the rich colors helps set a more relaxed and peaceful mood and elevate the room’s overall appearance. Another great option would be a customized sign or wall design, with your University’s name or mascot, displayed in a prominent building on campus. All of Cathedral Crafts, Inc.’s designs can be customized to fit your needs allowing you to design a work of art that is unique to your school.

Benefits of Stained Glass in Colleges & Universities

  • Beautiful way to commemorate donors or a graduating class
  • Ability to be customized
  • Affordable
  • Easily adds color and style to any space