Wow guests at your resort with intricate stained glass décor from Cathedral Crafts. All stained glass can be customized to match any style or theme of your décor and can incorporate any image or text you desire. If you want your designs to appeal to families of all ages, consider creating a unique, lively window display or a wall mural composed of custom stained glass panels. These beautiful and inspiring works of art will surely catch anyone’s eye just as they catch the sun’s sparkling rays.

Boost the appearance of your resort’s front desk with a custom stained glass counter front or customize each room with custom stained glass light boxes. With a large selection of designs and the ability to create something completely custom, Cathedral Crafts is sure to have what you are looking for.

Benefits of Stained Glass in Resorts

  • Visually appealing to all ages.

  • Ability to be customized to match any theme or décor.

  • Stained glass draws visitors to front desk, elevators, bars, restaurants and restrooms.

  • Stained glass signage and domes are unique and beautiful.

For More Information

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